thay changed there name but not there game the new # is 949 528 3831. im sure its the same rick hagan and his crue, the old office # also goes to the same awnser machine, this guys will not quit even thay are on trail for the feds now.thay claim thay are in ca, but thay close at 5 eastern time, it said so on the awnser machine, i wonder what is going on with thes guys just type in rick hagan in googel or andy wang he is the one i met, he wood say any thing to get your money i think he has already been found guilty

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This company takes on businesses "for sale" and advertises them on their website... but that's it.

Calls to the number lead nowhere, and the company cannot be contacted once they know you're onto them. They will charge your credit card every month for the rest of your life until you finally cancel your card or take some kind of legal action. Since they took 5 minutes to post your company, they can say that they are providing what you asked - but there is absolutely NOONE manning the ship.

It's all about collecting monthly payments for nothing. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


Did you even go to school? Your grammar is terrible.

It all fun to rant and rave over what YOU think it the truth. Get you facts straight so you don't sound like a fool!

to Chaun Princeton, New Jersey, United States #692357

I am sure Rick Hagan was behind all this. He didn't want to pay the child support for his son that he was supposed to pay so he hide his income and blamed it all on his employees but yet he is serving the least amount of time.

Where is the justice for everyone he scammmed even his own son!!!!!


This is NOT the same company. PBS Global declared bankruptcy in Oct of 08.

IBS,is a company out of California that bought PBS Global's Assets. IBS does NOT come close to following any of the practices of PBS Global. They are stricly a marketing and advertising firm for businesses that are for sale by owner. There is no money back guarantees, no fees or comissions paid after a sale.

They have a upfront setup cost followed by a monthly payment. Thats it.

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